At my current place of employment, parking has become a bit of a nightmare. The companies success over the past few years has caused a boom in employee’s and parking space ran out long ago.

We’re located on a business park, surrounded by hotels, shopping centres, gym’s, bowling alley, cinema etc..

Most employees now use the parking spaces five minutes away by walk, in the biggest shopping centre on the business park. Today, we received a polite notice via windscreen letter that we’ve been detected as abusing the car park for long term stay. In our defence, we do use the shopping centre daily for lunch breaks, but that’s beside the point.

Back in the office, there were discussions about where we were going to find parking. One thing led to another, and from the back of a joke about a business opportunity for writing to local business who have spare parking, to rent them out, this really got me thinking. I carried on planning out a business idea with my colleagues next to me, and this idea really started to make sense!

An hour later after the conversation died down, someone came to me and mentioned that a local company had picked up on this issue some months back, and did just the idea we talked about. They were renting out parking spaces for a small fee per month in other business parking areas.

Now to my point.

I was amazed how so many of us involved ourselves in a discussion about a business opportunity, but pushed it off as nothing more than an office joke. I thought…..this is what must make the difference between an entrepreneur and well, the rest of us.

The power to believe in an idea, have the self confidence and belief that you can put it in to action is truly an amazing quality. There are so many non self believing people, but true confidence and determination will make the difference between forever dreaming of idea’s, and making them a reality.

So, to you, entrepreneurs – I salute you!

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One Response to Entrepreneurs

  1. Frans says:

    So happy to see this appreciation. I like very much which trivial event led you to think about this and to come to the conclusion you made.
    One topic I am still struggling with is that during hiring you are looking at people as potential employees, but you really want the ‘entrepreneurs’.

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