YouTube Channel and TDD Continued

Just a quick update to link you to my new YouTube channel (Click Here) containing my introductions to TDD, and practical examples of TDD using NUnit and Visual Studio 2008. Please don’t forget to subscribe to get my latest tutorial videos as I explore TDD. Next up is the use of mocking frameworks, and some theory around “Test Doubles”.

This weekend, I’ll be reading through “Clean Code” by Rober C. Martin. A few chapters in and already I’m feeling this is a great book. Very well written, illustrated, and right to the point.

This is a step across from where TDD is taking me. To TDD well, you really need to know how to write “clean code” so that code remains testable. Over the past couple of months, my view on code, design, and development life cycle has made a huge shift for the good.

Here are some books that I’m highly recommending if you are too starting out with TDD:

I’m very grateful that I can discuss everything that I’m reading and thinking about with a life long friend Lasse Jarvensivu. Lars, for short, is the leading technical developer of Ludosity Interactive, who recently published a game on Steam, “Bob Came In Pieces“.

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